• Preparation of formal comments to an anticipated nano-materials Federal Register notice from EPA
  • Congressional affairs representation on Capitol Hill
  • TSCA Reform
  • Reauthorization of the NNI with a strong manufacturing component
  • Exploring tax incentives and/or R&D credits to spur investment
  • Advocacy to Federal Agencies for a better business climate for nano-manufacturing

Focus Areas

About NMA


The NanoManufacturing Association was formed in 2014 to become a platform for private industry to effectively lobby Congress and Federal Agencies on issues of importance.  NMA Members understand that nanomanufacturing is critical to the future of the US industrial base and are working to spread that message to policy-makers in Washington.

Phil Sayre, Ph.D. has joined the NMA as chief scientific consultant.  Mr. Sayre worked most recently as a Senior Scientist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In this capacity, he was involved in the health and ecological assessments of over 120 nanomaterial submissions that have been submitted to EPA for commercialization under TSCA. Mr. Sayre also worked on identifying hazards associated with many biotechnology submissions under Section 5 of TSCA, and was a lead author of the EPA guidance to be followed by biotechnology submitters under TSCA.  Other positions held at EPA included those in OSWER, the SAB, and ORD. Prior to coming to EPA, Mr. Sayre completed biotechnology and chemical ecotoxicity, exposure, and risk assessments under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) at FDA.